FREE CAR GIVEAWAY! Deserving Rides – Rebuilding Rides to Rebuild Lives

Do you know an individual who works tirelessly helping others?

Advanced Auto Clinic in Delavan knows everyone this time of year goes through some tough times, whether it’s illness, loss of a job or facing many other challenges in your lives.  There are good people in our community who are just down on their luck. Here at Advanced Auto Clinic, we want to give a deserving person a reliable car!


Advanced Auto Clinic’s “Deserving Rides” program rewards Walworth county area residents who consistently put the needs of others before their own. We are asking people in the community to nominate a deserving person who could use a reliable vehicle. The winning individual is then awarded a reliable and safe vehicle. Deserving Rides is a way for us to give back, using our mechanical skills and expertise!Deserving Rides

Please nominate a deserving individual who goes above and beyond to give back to the community by submitting the nomination form below.

Show up on Dec. 16 and get entered for a chance to win $3000.00 worth of cash and prizes with WSLD’s Santa’s Sleigh giveaway (PLEASE NOTE: You will need to be one of the first 104 people to arrive on dec. 16th to qualify for the Santa’s Sleigh giveaway!)


  • The winning person is awarded a reliable and safe vehicle at our Deserving Rides Celebration on Saturday December 16th at 10:00am
  • The deadline for nominees will be December 13th .
  • Must be 18 or older to be nominated and live in Walworth County or surrounding area.
  • Winning person will need to be present to win. We would like the deserving individual to be surprised by the nomination.
  • We will have numerous giveaways and door prizes as well as complimentary snacks and refreshments during the event on the 16th!

How To Nominate Someone for the Free Car Giveaway:


Deserving Rides is a program that was started in 2014 by automotive shop owners who were grateful for the communities in which they lived and worked in by passing down the value of giving . They find used cars, fix them up, make them safe and turn them into reliable transportation. The car is then given away for free to someone who is deserving. The program rewards community residents who consistently put the needs of others before their own. Deserving Rides is a way for us to give back to our great community!


People can nominate a deserving person who lives in the Walworth County Area who could really use a reliable car and who goes above and beyond by giving back to the community by filling out our online nomination form. Then, we gather the community nominations submitted and a committee will choose a person who will win the deserving ride for free!


Advanced Auto clinic is locally owned and operated in Delavan. Our families are here and we do our part to give back to the community we live in whenever we can. In addition to our long history of giving our best to our customers, we also have a history of supporting local schools, athletic programs and nonprofit organizations…It is just who we are!


Deserving Rides Nomination Form

If you know of an individual driving around in a vehicle on its last wheels, a new ride can be life-changing, especially if they are struggling just to make ends meat. If you know an incredible person who needs a better ride, let us know here! Tell us about the impact a new vehicle would have on their life and why they are a deserving person.

REMEMBER: We would like the deserving winning person to be surprised by the nomination!

  • We need to know how to contact to you!
  • Don't be short! This is how we are going to determine the winner!

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